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Fed Up With Your Job? Want To Start Your Own Business?

Get the right tools and advice you need to make the break and step out on your own!

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Wendy gave me a structured plan for setting up my business, how to move it forward, set goals and the tools on how to achieve them. The advice and information Wendy gives really works!

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Corporate Crossovers by wendy Kerr

When It's Time To Leave The Office And Start Your Own Business

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Are You Thinking Of Leaving Your Job To Start Your Own Business?

Maybe you’ve had a big event in your life and your perspective on your work has changed? You realise that there could be a different way.

Perhaps you crave more flexibility, more freedom and the control to do what you want, in your own way? You know you want to go but you hesitate…

You worry that you won’t make enough money, that the business won’t be a success and that you don’t know everything you need to succeed.

We offer the structure, tools and resources you need via our website, workshops, and one on one coaching-mentoring.

Corporate Crossovers enables women to leave their jobs and start their businesses successfully.

See how ready you are to start your own business!

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Featured In The Press:

Wendy Kerr Featured In The Press


Business owners earn less in their business than in their last job


Have no business plan when they start their business

It doesn’t have to be like this for you!

I can help you prepare for the success you desire.

Wendy Kerr

Corporate Crossovers

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About Wendy Kerr, Corporate Crossover

I’m Wendy Kerr and I am passionate about changing the way work works. I am on a mission to fuel 10,000 women to create a business that allows them to live the life they love!

With a 20-year career in multi-national blue chip organisations, I specialise in creating and launching new businesses around the world.

I have coached, mentored and fuelled over 1,500 women to create a business that allows them to live the life they love!

Women who have been fuelled by Wendy

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‘Corporate Crossovers: When It’s Time To Leave The Office And Start Your Own Business’ by Wendy Kerr

NEW! Now available on Amazon!

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Read What My Clients Are Saying…

If you want to take your business to the next level, this programme is a wonderful vehicle to achieve just this.  By providing me with the space to work on (rather than in) my business, I’ve achieved more than I thought possible in just the space of a few months. Connecting and sharing the experience with a group of dynamic and like-minded women, and with Wendy’s thoughtful and insightful direction, I’m delighted with the results I’ve achieved. I can’t recommend the programme highly enough.

Michelle Beck

Orbis Marketing

Working with Wendy is so inspirational. She is friendly, bubbly and also walks her talk. Her passion is working with women in business and her take on things in fresh and dynamic. Wendy gave me a few ‘easy when you know how’ tips that I still keep in place – tips that I just would not have thought of myself. They have helped me a great deal. Wendy helps you to see the positives and is encouraging giving us women in business a confidence boost. I am delighted to still be connected with Wendy after many years and look forward to seeing what she has coming up now for women in business.

Karin Ridgers

Veggie Vision TV

What I’ve loved about this course is a chance to reflect on what my priorities are for growing my business and then to eliminate lots of things It’s changed the way I work, so on a daily basis I’m much more focused and more structured about what my goals, my priorities are. That’s helped my mindset with moving forwards with my business,  and my confidence for the future.

Joanna Pieters

Time Wizards

Are You Thinking Of Leaving Your Job To Start Your Own Business?

See how ready you are to start your own business!

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